Case Study – Amberon

Amberon Ltd 104 Units

Amberon are a nationwide Traffic Management company that are specialists with temporary traffic lights. Amberon aim to provide the best service for customers and this means only using the best equipment and employing the best workforce.

They only use battery powered Radiolights, the best Temporary Traffic Lights available on the market. They can complete all Temporary Traffic Light needs from 2 to 8 phases and up to 16 heads, including Pedestrian Crossings and everything in between.

As a LANTRA NHSS 12D and 12AB accredited company they can also complete all Traffic Management needs: Convoy Systems, VMS, Road closures, diversions, high speed lane closures, stop and go teams.

All of this with the support network that you can rely on; TSCO’s, site survey teams, CAD Technicians, dedicated project managers for large schemes and a helpful and knowledgeable Management team.

Amberon’s business model includes paying their field personnel from the time they leave their homes, until the time they arrive back home.  By installing the Sprint Telematics system, we can now collate payroll information from Head Office, before waiting for individual time sheets.  All this information can now be cross checked against the time sheet, improving efficiency for the business. This feature alone has already paid for the system.

Amberon also have reactive response contracts where the Service Level Agreement is two hours and without the Sprint Telematic system, in some cases we would not be able to achieve this.  Since its installation, we are now hitting our SLA targets.

A further benefit to Amberon is the reduction of fuel bills, even though the cost of fuel is continuously on the rise – this has been achieved through the reduction in vehicle idling time since the system was introduced. Unthinking drivers can often spend time in their vehicle with the engine idling, which is incredibly fuel inefficient. Now, working with their drivers, Amberon can educate its workforce to think about their idling time and this awareness has resulted in a large fuel saving.

Using Sprint Fleet, Amberon is able to keep an eye on its drivers while they are out on the road, this service is monitored and it allows them to know the exact location of each individual driver, as well as knowing how long they were at a particular job and the time it’s taken a driver to go from one job to another.

Terry Musson – General Manager